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Descendants of Robert Dodgson

The Methodists of Paythorne

The Intriguing History of Paythorne's Ribble Stepping Stones

Paythorne What's in a Name?


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Introduction | Church Council Membership 1979-80 | The Methodists of Paythorne and Paythorne What's in a Name? | Travelling Preachers | John Wesley in Paythorne? and Legal Documents | The Skipton and Clitheroe Circuits and The New Chapel | Sunday School Reminiscences and Village Decline | Clitheroe Circuit and Rise and Fall | George Hargreaves and Success at Last | Misleading Statistics! and High Water and Centenary Celebrations | 50 More Years | And the Future... and References |


Church Council Membership 1979-80

Church Stewards Mrs.N.Kayley, Mrs.A.Preston.

Church Treasurer Mr.W.Hanson

Communion Stewards Mrs.M.Newbouldv Mrs.E.Mqrton

Class Leader Mrs.J.Gorst

Baptismal Roll Sec. Mrs.D.Kelsall

Sunday School Supt.  Mrs.E.Asquith

Property Stewards Mr.E.Gorst, Mr.D.Kelsall

Home Missions Sec.  Mrs.M.Preston

Overseas Missions Sec.  Mrs.J.Gorst

Social Responsibility Sec. Mrs.E.Asquith

Church Council Sec. Mrs.N.Kayley

Church Meeting Reps. Mrs.E.Hanson, Mrs.A.Peel, Mrs.L.Kayley,  Miss A.Lambert, Mr.C.Preston.

Other Officials

Property Committee Sec. Mr.W.Hanson

Sunday School Teachers Mrs.J.Gorst, Mrs.M.Preston.

Organist Mrs.E.Hanson

Representatives to Circuit Meeting and various Circuit Committees:

 Mrs.E.Asquith, Mrs.M.Preston, Mrs.J.Gorst, Mr.W.Hanson, Mrs.N.Kayley, Mrs.A.Preston.


The information in this booklet is derived from many sources, particularly a history prepared in 1930 to mark the centenary of the Paythorne Chapel. The small numbers in the margins of the booklet refer to the sources of information, which are listed in detail on page 28.

I am very grateful to the many people who have helped in researching information for this booklet and to Mr.J.R.Todd for four new photographs, Rev.G.A.Vickers and Mr.E.A.Rose for comments on the manuscript, and to Mrs. D. Tomlinson for typing and re-typing these sheets.

Eric B. Kenyon

Christleton, Chester.