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In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Methodist Church in Paythorne 1830 - 1980

A Message from our Minister

Hollymount, Chatburn.

Dear Friend,

One hundred and fifty years cannot pass in the life of a chapel without the influence of that place of worship rubbing off on the people of the local community. Generations of local families have had associations with Paythorne Chapel. Families have moved away how far, one wonders, has the chapels influence reached? New families have arrived, bringing new insights and understanding to the local Christian witness. This booklet recounts something of the life of these folk. They would never have claimed to be anything more than ordinary people, but there is no doubt that they are to be considered the very salt of Gods earth and they certainly have been the life blood of Paythorne Chapel.

The Chapel membership is as sound, today, as it has ever been in recent years. There are times when numbers at services disappoint, but it is equally true that on occasions  not as infrequent as some might think the chapel can fill up almost to overflowing with locals. Our Sunday School is small, but well staffed and well attended.

In 1980 we rejoice in what has gone before and the germ of hope evident in the present. I hope this booklet serves not only to prompt enjoyable reminiscence, but also acts as a spur and challenge to all of us who read it to go forward determined to uphold and proclaim the Christian rule of life, so that in another one hundred and fifty years someone will want to write a further volume to this history and will moreover find something worthwhile to merit putting pen to paper.

The invitation to produce this forward cannot be allowed to pass without my paying a personal word of tribute to Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hanson. They have never sought any praise, nor do they seek public acclaim now, but they have given so much to Paythorne Chapel and, without their untiring efforts, I feel sure I would not have been able to write in such confident words as I commend this booklet to you. And, finally, a special word of thanks to Eric Kenyon for his unstinted efforts in researching and compiling our history.

With every good wish,

Ward Jones